Sunday, 29 July 2012


We are the hands that run the gears of your world. We are the buyers and the producers, the viewers and the creators. We studied and pondered on your world. We make your world. We are your world. We are THE WORLD.
We demand a future.

This is the Future Manifesto.


            We demand the creation of one unified civilization with different local cultural attributes. We suggest the creation of one single ethnos pledging allegiance to the planet as the provider of life. We suggest the use of only one name to describe our ethnicity and the preservation of local names as referential provincial appellations. We suggest the use of the name “Earthen” to describe our origin.
Let us learn from our history as we have written it down for the past six thousand years and admit that we should be ashamed. For six thousand years, Earth has only known 20 days of global peace. Let us all unite under a common goal of global peace and global progress to be the first criterion behind every thought.
We demand the abolition of all geographical borders. We demand equality on all aspects on life on Earth. We suggest the use of the names “Earthen” or “One” to describe our race.
Let us have no more dotted lines on maps that birth wars, fanaticism, fascism and violence between us. Cities, metropolis crammed together birth more problems than solutions. Let the people who need to be there, remain, and the rest expand. Let us realize that Earth is enough for all of us and make use of this measure to choose a home our heart desires and make a living there.
            We demand the unification of all divine concepts under the name “Maker”.  We suggest, for those of us who are of faith, let us agree that God is the Maker and has been given a thousand names by human lips. Let us worship as we see fit as long as we harm none. Let us return in a more primeval version of religion that unites beings in an embrace of love and welcomes everyone, believer or not. Let us not let religion get between us, let it make us brothers and sisters on our miracle planet.
            Let us remember that life as we know it, on our planet Earth amidst a billion other stars, is a miracle. And let us realize whether it was created by the Maker or Earth makes no difference. We are here now and what we do with our present and future is in our hands. It is a choice. And by thousands of written history of our route on Earth has shown us that the only value worth worshipping is love and life. Let us learn from mistakes of the past and now steer our unified civilization to progress.
            We demand the immediate abolition of all pharmaceutical companies and the free distribution of medicine to sufferers. We demand immediate funding of medical and astronomical researches. We believe global peace and global progress should dictate scientific advancements. We strongly suggest the above as a high priority.
We demand the abolition of current economies and the creation of a new unified system of currency and possession throughout Earth based on equal opportunities.
            We demand the abolition of all governments and armies, the permanent resignation and deprivation of voting of all past and current members of political parties and affiliated individuals and the creation of a new Net Government composed of a network of smaller interconnected units. We suggest the creation of headquarters to unite all. We furthermore suggest the creation of local unpaid Senates whose powers would be susceptible to and by the Senate, and whose members will be provided for by the Settlement. We strongly recommend limited powers being given to the HeadQuarters with a minimum of five Senate Votes of Confidence on local matters and majority for global enquiries.
            We expect strong inner and inter-settlement bonds of liaison and fraternity and common progress. 
            We demand a future on Earth. We demand the use of natural energy sources immediately. We suggest the use of all uninhabitable areas to be utilized for the harvest of renewable energy sources (Solar energy, Hydropower, Wind energy, Geothermal energy, Wave power, Tidal power) and the immediate discontinuation of nuclear energy with the exception of it being used by science.